Monday, November 21, 2011

The Journey Begins

The rough plan:
Fly to Quito Nov. 16th
-6 Weeks in Ecuador
-2.5 months in Patagonia
- 2 months Bolivia y Peru
Fly to Portlan May 7, buy a touring bike, ditch trekking gear and leave to Italy May 12.
- 2 weeks traveling through Italy and Slovenia with the family, they leave from Rome on May 26, i get on my bike. Cheney arrives.
- 2 months: Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, France
- Wedding South Coast of France last week of July
- Aug 1, fly to Istanbul meet up with Paris. Train to Samsun on Turkeys North Coast.
- Aug and Sept, bike Turkey´s north coast, bike the length of Georgia and into Azerbaijan, dip toe in Black sea, try to get into Armenia.
- Time and money allowing - head to India/Nepal/Mongolia, who knows really
- Arrive back in Oregon. Drive to New Hampshire, Shoulder Surgery, spend 3 months driving back west, find a job.

So currently i am 5 days into this master plan. I am sitting in Otavalo Ecuador waiting a day before i head to the Intag Valley for 2 weeks of Spanish lessons and volunteering in a small 300 person village. The shit show has surely begun and i will write more once more has happened, i have a better internet connection, and the keyboard doesn´t stick like someone dropped a few too many cups of coffee on it.
For now, a few pictures to start: OK, nevermind, after 10 minutes of trying to get 2 pictures to load there was no progress. For now, you just have to wait.