Friday, April 18, 2008

The Road Goes On Forever and The Party Never Ends

Chapter 98: Grad School - DONE
Chapter 99: 1+ year of travels around California, British Columbia and where ever the road ends up taking me.

I'm currently sitting in Portland after just meeting up with 3 kiwi friends who i'll be traveling with over the next 2 weeks to Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Grand Canyon NP's, so no pictures of the travels yet, but i'll post of a few from the last couple of years just to start off with a bit of eye candy.

Canyon Creek Washington - pure clean fun

Rocking the Inazone and the wave about to rock me

Legends - McCracken and Helmo showing off their fancy op-shop gear on top of Broken River Ski Field

The Legends Continue - Cant go to a whitewater festival without dressing up

Cant go to a 21st birthday without your party shirt or Bean Man outfit

Enjoying a bit of free fall in the warm waters of Mexico - photo by Nick Zegre

Pulling away from the curtain on the Callaghan, BC - photo by Matt Young

Waterfalls 101 - Maruia Falls, NZ - photo by Matt Hopkins

Dent Falls, Arahura River, NZ - what dreams are made of

Right-o, so that'll do it for now. Newer pictures will be rolling in shortly once we make it down to Yosemite and the other national parks. After that plans put me in California with Chris Korbulic for the next 3 months to paddle the High Sierra snow melt.