Saturday, June 12, 2010

Round and Round

Its been almost exactly a year since i came home from drilling in Mexico and currently i find myself once again on a drilling adventure - this time though i am on the other side of the world sitting under the southern sky.
FIRST though - i need to recap the last year. Sorry, i got lazy, it happens. Once back from Mexico i continued drilling at the HJ Andrews, saw my sister get married, flew directly to the Yukon and traveled with mates from NZ, OZ, and a stinky country called France...I returned to Oregon and drilled more wells and then took off to British Coumbia with more Kiwi's...finally i returned and went under the surgeons knife to fix an unstable and untrusty shoulder, school started immediately after that and the Fall term saw an amazing trip down the Rogue River and a Thanksgiving backcountry hut trip to Mount Bailey with 30 people, 3 turkeys, 1 deep fryer and 2 kegs - oh and also a shit ton of fun. Things calmed for the next many months as school became life. Spring showed was celebrated with a 10 day trip to DeathValley and then spring term saw a wild season of softball...
Its amazing what happens in a year and these pictures in no way capture it all - but they never do.
So here we go...
~British Columbia
~Rogue River Rafting Trip
~Thanksgiving at Mount Bailey with 30 people, 2 kegs, and 3 deep fried turkey's
~10 Days in Death Valley

The undefeated Monica's Merkins

The Softball Crew - sorta - after, well more like in the middle of, a long night!

Portland Urban Iditirod - Find a shopping cart, sort out a theme, drink, run (repeat)

Insert pictures of Death Valley here which i haven't gone through yet...

Home for Christmas

Mount bailey Thanksgiving Trip

Chicken Fucker and Sheep Fucker - the ultimate Halloween Duo

Me and Pony Saddling up for the Rogue

British Columbia


Alaska and the Yukon
The Yukon, Day 1: Nearly Midnight

A very proud crew


The Pipeline
The Duke
The legend

On the way to stewart BC/ Hyder Alaska

Salmon - we just got a net and started scooping!